Chit Chat Girls

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Maximale speeltijd30 minuten

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Chit Chat Girls’ Night Out is a ‘Girls only’ game, revolving around 252 questions, “written by women for women”, such as:

What would you like to change about your partner?
When cooking, do you follow the recipe, or do you improvise?
Which friend from the past would you like to see again?
Do you prefer large passion, or quiet love?

The questions are divided into different categories. Each round, one player (the gamemaster) rolls a die which determines the category. She draws a card from that category, which lists three questions, from which she aks one. Now, the other players have to answer the question. After all players have answer, the gamemaster gives one ‘gemstone’ from the stock to the player whose answer she liked best, for whatever reason.

The game ends when all gemstones have been handed out; the player who has collected the most gemstones wins the game.

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