Cuba – El Presidente

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Minimaal aantal spelers2 spelers

Maximaal aantal spelers5 spelers

Minimale speeltijd120 minuten

Maximale speeltijd120 minuten

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The expansion to be used by ‘Cuba’. An additional game board, more and different ship cards, laws, buildings, new character cards to be used with the other characters, and a whole new phenomenon: Cuba – the Arrival of the President!
In their turn, players may take and play a character from the ‘El Presidente’ board: the worker, dancer, attorney, warden, revolutionary or musician. They all have different effects.
The worker puts your goods into the warehouse; all your goods are safe this turn. The revolutionary gives you one victory point, the musician two money. The player with the dancer card becomes immediately the new start player; the old rule for determining the new start player is no longer in effect.

With the attorney a player may use a building even when his supervisor is not on the row or column of this building, paying one money. The warden may change two adjacent ships in position. There are two mule cards being used when playing with less than five players; these cards cannot be chosen. When all players have chosen a card, the car of the president moves to the position of the remaining card; remember, there are six cards that each turn are shuffled and randomly placed.

Under each card on the board are symbols that come into effect when the car of the president stops there. The first makes all law proposals go into effect; the second makes it possible to move the supervisor anywhere on a player board in the next round. The next symbol also is in effect for the next round: it allows you to pay one money and overbuild a building with another; the difference in resources must be paid as well. One symbol makes the leading player to go back two points on the score track; another allows players to purchase market wares at discount prices. Players must now not only consider which role they would like to take, but also which position they likely want to be visited by the president.

There are 2 additional laws in each of the four categories, so that the game can now last up to 8 rounds instead of just 6.

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