Dune Imperium Uprising

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Uprising is a stand-alone expansion that expands on Dune: Imperium’s blend of deck-building and worker placement. Continue to balance military might with political intrigue, wielding new tools in pursuit of victory. Spies will shore up your plans. Vital contracts will expand your resources. Or learn the ways of the Fremen and ride mighty sandworms into battle! Plus, a new six-player mode pits two teams against one other in the biggest struggle yet! The choices are yours.
The Imperium awaits!

A few things about Uprising:
1. All of the existing Leaders from Dune: Imperium are compatible with Uprising, along with the vast majority of cards, so you can incorporate all of your favorite elements from the original game.
2. The entirely-new Imperium deck consists of 65 cards (plus 4 more if you are using what we call the CHOAM Module, the built-in mini-expansion that we recommend you not use until you’re familiar with the game).
3. The entirely-new Intrigue deck consists of 40 cards (plus 4 more for the CHOAM Module).
4. The entirely-new Conflict deck also consists of 16 cards.

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