Het Koninkrijk Dominion

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Minimaal aantal spelers2 spelers

Maximaal aantal spelers4 spelers

Minimale speeltijd20 minuten

Maximale speeltijd20 minuten

Leeftijd10 jaar


Het Koninkrijk Dominion ("The Kingdom of Dominion") is an introductory version of Dominion. It contains 16 kingdom cards, and there are only 8 copies of each cards, instead of 10. Most of the cards come from Dominion and Dominion: Intrigue, but there are also cards from the other sets.

This game is good to get to know Dominion and makes it easy to learn, especially for smaller children.

Het Koninkrijk Dominion does not contain reaction cards, duration cards, curses or other cards with a lot of rules or confrontation.

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