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In Gier (Greed), players steal cards from one another to build their own collection, and once you start clawing at others’ goods, it’s hard to stop — but whoever wants too much will go home empty-handed.

At the start of player, each player takes one crook card and seven number cards, with the number cards being dealt face down from the deck. Players will build up a personal collection turn by turn, with these collected cards being face up.

On a player’s turn, they play a card from their hand into their collection, then they’re allowed to go on a card raid. They choose an opponent, then draw a card from their hand and place it face up on the table. They can stop and keep that card, or they can draw again from the same player; if two stolen cards have the same number, then the player’s turn ends, and the cards return to the victim’s hands. If the active player has drawn a crook (and stopped voluntarily), they can take a card of their choice from the opponent’s collection.

Some cards have a special action on them that takes effect as soon as they’re drawn from someone’s hand, such as looking at an opponent’s hand or placing cards from the deck into a collection.

Whoever first collects six cards of the same value wins!

—description from the publisher

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