Joking Hazard Deck Enhancement 4

12,99 incl. BTW

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“Please refrain from selling this Product via Ebay or Amazon, due to guidlines provided by Joking Hazard LLC!
We thank you for your understanding.”

  • The long awaited Deck Enhancement #4. Your deck will become so big it’ll explode.
  • Developed by a team of extremely sad comedy writers trying to be funny over Zoom calls in their bedrooms.
  • Contains more Joking Hazard cards (100 total) than Avengers Endgame, which you might remember as the top grossing film of all time.
  • The most fun you can have for $12 in the current economy.
  • If at least ten people buy this we will create Deck Enhancement #5.

Hide in darkness no longer, my friend, for the cold winter is over and 100 new Joking Hazard cards have been written, to bring joy and light to your household. Fear not the encroachment of melancholy upon your doorstep! Infuse these 100 hilariously inappropriate cards into your Joking Hazard set, and marvel as the game becomes funnier than ever. Smile, Joking Hazard player, for your life has meaning once more!

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