Les Poux ( de luizen)

18,99 incl. BTW


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Minimaal aantal spelers2 spelers

Maximaal aantal spelers4 spelers

Minimale speeltijd30 minuten

Maximale speeltijd30 minuten

Leeftijd8 jaar


In Lice (Les Poux), two to four players use their tiddlywink skills and a deck of cards to try to get their infestation of lice onto the other kids’ heads. Enhancing the theme, the game includes two actual combs. The main thrust of the game is that you use a “pitching coin” to try to propel a louse from your kid’s head to another kid’s head. The cards provide and prevent opportunities to do this, or even cause nits to produce new lice.

Rid your kid’s head of lice, and you win!

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