Not Enough Mana

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Not Enough Mana is a ‘potion’ drinking card game for 3-6 fearless wizards (legal potion drinking age may vary depending on your kingdom’s laws). You’ll be destroying each other using epic spells, curses and artifacts while replenishing your mana by drinking magical potions.

In your turn, you draw cards and manage your hand, deciding which cards to use and which to sacrifice to empower other cards. You can drink mana potions at any point in the game to gain mana points. Using these points, you destroy your fellow wizards with fireballs, lightning bolts and other epic spells.
Global event cards, unpredictable curses and powerful artifacts, as well as the necessity to balance your mana flow, constantly stir the balance of power and turn the tides on the battlefield.

Your goal is to eliminate all other wizards from the game, either by depleting all their health points or by K.O., also known as Too Much Mana. The last wizard on the battlefield wins!

165 Cards
70 Red health crystals
70 Blue health crystals
2 Drawstring bags
1 Rulebook

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