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Politics is always a risky business, but in the Wild West, where even the smallest slight could call for blood, being a politician was a particularly dangerous career choice.

In Outlaws: Last Man Standing, you take on the role of a Governor in the Far West seeking to best his rivals by any means necessary. With the help of your supporters, keep your Governor safe as you seek to outmaneuver your opponent in this card-based game of bluff and deduction.

Each player controls a set of 10 cards representing the Governor’s constituents (or unscrupulous individuals in it for the gold), each with a different ability. These characters are lined up facing one another, their identities hidden from their opponent. During the game, the characters will move up and down the table, revealing their identity to collect tokens and use their abilities.

Players must cleverly manage the information that they obtain and reveal, baiting and trapping their opponent to accomplish one of the three win conditions. The first player to do so will attain the power and glory of the White House, leaving his opponent with only the taste of bitter defeat.

There are three ways to win the game:

The "Good" way: Win the election fair and square. Some of the facedown tokens are "votes" that you can use to get your Governor elected. If you have more votes than your opponent, then you can use your Governor to start an election and win the game.
The "Bad" way: If you can find your opponent’s Governor and assassinate him with your Hitman, you can win the election by default. A dead man can’t be President, it’s as simple as that.
The "Ugly" Way: If you suspect that your opponent is after your Governor, you can attempt to arrest them with your Sheriff. If a Sheriff can foil an assassination attempt and arrest the Hitman, his employer’s reputation will be left in tatters. A scandal will destroy a man just as surely as a bullet…

Your objective is to hide your Governor amongst your other cards whilst you search for a way to win the game. You and your opponent will be able to look at each other’s cards, move them around, and even lock some of them up! You’ll need to use as much deception and bluff as you can to win because, whether it be by silver or lead, only one of you will make it out of this unscathed!

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