Street Paintball

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Minimaal aantal spelers3 spelers

Maximaal aantal spelers6 spelers

Minimale speeltijd20 minuten

Maximale speeltijd20 minuten

Leeftijd0 jaar


Each player controls a Paintball team in the city streets. When they see an enemy team member they have to shoot him, but be careful because it is easy to shoot a citizen or the police by mistake!

Each player receives 6 team members in his Paintball team. They also receive a colored ball they have to store in the middle of the table. Each turn a player shows the top card of the draw deck to the other players. The object of the game is to react as fast as possible with the appropriate action.

When the turned card shows a team member of another player you have to take the ball in your color and throw it to this player (you shoot the player with a paintball), but the victim can protect himself by taking all the balls away so the other players can’t shoot. Because citizens look the same as the other players (but they don’t carry a gun) it is easy to shoot a citizen by mistake. You also should be alert for the police. You don’t want to shoot when a police card is turned. A few other special cards add some extra surprises to the game.

(Street Paintball was released at Spiel 2008)

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