Tricky Badger

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Deep in the European forests you can still find the endangered wild European hamster. You have been hired to conserve these hamsters and keep them safe from their natural predator; the badger.

Tricky Badger is a set collection trick taking game.
At the start of each trick, one (rotating) player picks a collection card. The winner of the trick receives the collection card. Seems straight forward, but depending on the collection card the highest or the lowest card wins the trick.
The player that won the collection card, has to add it to their collection. However, some cards interact with each other. Some in a positive way: connect a grain card to a hamster for a bonus point. Some in a negative way: a badger will eat all your hamsters, unless it has a bone to chew on.
Players therefore have to make sure they win the right card at the right moment.

The game is played over 5 rounds, after the fifth round the game ends. During each round the players have the possibility to win collection cards. The combination of these collection cards results in a number of points for each player, the tricks themselves do not earn the players any points. The winner is the player with the highest number of points.

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